We are committed to preserving the art and craft of traditional bread baking.   We make our breads fresh daily by hand, and each
loaf is created completely from scratch.  All of our flours are unbleached and unbromated. No dough conditioners, preservatives
or improvers of any kind are added.
We are proud members of
All of our pastries are baked fresh daily.  Everything we make is from scratch. We use “free
range” eggs, real butter from happy cows, and no mixes.  Using dearly-loved family recipes,  
The Black Rooster Bakery takes you back to a time when we simply did everything by hand
the old-fashion way, with lots of love.

Our Fair-Trade Coffee is organic; Texas roasted and specially blended for us.  We use only
recyclable products supporting a greener future for our planet.

Each month at
The Black Roostery Bakery we will feature bakers from across the State and
across the Country, baking their specialties – everything from New York Bialys and Bagels to
Michigan Apple Pies and Texas Pecan Pies.  Watch our announcements to see who will be
baking at The Black Rooster.
From our friendly retail
staff and the bakers in
the kitchen, from our
breads to our delectable
sweets, we put our heart
The Black Rooster Bakery is located at Forest Park and Park Hill, near TCU
MarcheAnn Mann has loved making bread since she was a little girl, learning from her nana Jimmy. She received her Diploma du Boulanger in International Bread Baking from the French Culinary Institute in New York.
MarcheAnn Mann
Photo by Ralph Lauer for
360 West Magazine
and soul into all of the products at The
Black Rooster Bakery.
We hope you
love them as much as we love
making them for you!
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Authentic breads of France, Italy & Germany made from scratch daily
Preserving the art and craft of traditional bread baking using dearly-loved family recipes
We use only the finest grains, nuts, olives, and dried fruits. Learn about our tips for storing, slicing and freezing our wonderful breads.
Corner of Forest Park and Park Hill near TCU.  817.924.1600   We welcome your comments!
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