We use the age-old method of long fermentation
for our breads.  A long fermentation time allows
the flavor and nutrients to develop to their fullest.
This process can take anywhere from 24 to 48
hours.  All of our breads are made with four
basic ingredients – flour, water, salt and fresh
yeast or a pre-ferment.  To those ingredients we
might add nuts, dried fruits, cheeses, olives or
herbs, but never preservatives, additives or
dough conditioners.
What is a Pre-Ferment?  A pre-ferment (or Starter) extends fermentation time,
allowing for more flavor to be extracted. It can be a sourdough starter or a fresh yeast
starter.  At
The Black Rooster we use 3 different pre-ferments – Sourdough (which is a
“wild yeast” starter),  A Biga, and A Poolish, (which are “fresh yeast” starters).   All of our
bread contains at least one.  

Pre-ferments not only help our breads rise, but provide the wonderful aroma, extend the
shelf life and add a tremendous amount of flavor.  

Once you taste
The Black Rooster’s bread you will immediately know it’s not just bread,
but “as-good-as-it-gets” bread!
Authentic breads of France, Italy & Germany made from scratch daily
Preserving the art and craft of traditional bread baking using MarcheAnn's dearly-loved family recipes
We use only the finest grains, nuts, olives, and dried fruits. Learn about our tips for storing, slicing and freezing our wonderful breads.
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